Throughout the year Diana offers classes and retreats that are accessible to the general public, including her weekly guided meditation at the Hammer Museum near the UCLA campus in Los Angeles.

Upcoming Events

Please note that all event times and dates are subject to change. 

When in doubt, check the event organizer's page for the latest information.

Guided Mindful Awareness Meditation: Practice Weekly with Diana Note: Allyson Pimentel hosts the first Thursday of every month
Date & Time: Every Thursday from 12:30-1pm PST
Location: Virtual/Online through the Hammer Museum and UCLA MARC


Beyond Basics: Training in Mindfulness and Awareness Teaching
Time: Wednesdays, 4-6pm PST
Location: Virtual/Online

16 june -
9 august

Glimpses of Being: Unplug LIVE Free Event & Virtual Book Party
Time: 7:15-8:15pm PST
Location: Virtual/Online through Unplug Meditation


Glimpses of Being: Daylong Retreat
Time: 10am-4pm PST
Location: Virtual/Online through Spirit Rock


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