Diana Winston

Over the last 20 years, Diana has written numerous articles in magazines and anthologies. Her topics include mindfulness and parenting, the mindfulness movement, the practice of meditation, spirituality and social change, mindfulness and daily life, and stories from her years of Buddhist meditation practice. Here is a sampling of some of her writing:

“Is Mindfulness the Dharma? And Other Questions” Inquiring Mind Magazine, Spring 2015 Read Article.

"The Mindfulness Movement: What does it mean for Buddhism?" From Buddhadharma Quarterly, Spring 2014 Read Article.

“Four on the spot calming techniques from Pros” O Magazine February, 2013 Read Article.

“Let it Slide” Shambhala Sun, July 2012. Read Article.

“Saying Yes to an Open Heart” Buddhadharma Quarterly, 2011. Read Article.

“Sit Every Day” in Shambhala Sun online Read Article.

“Calm, Inc.” UCLA Magazine, Summer, 2007 Read Article.

“Kung fu Dharma” in Read Article.

“Seven Reasons Why It’s Better Not To Hate Them,” in Tricycle, Fall 2004." Read Article.

“Motherly Love,” Read Article.

“Seeing Too Deeply: The Hazards of Knowing Interdependence in a Global Economy,” in Turning Wheel, Winter 2003-04. Read Article.

“On Retreat in Burma: Diana Winston Bites Off More Than She Can Chew,” in Tricycle, Summer 2001. Reprinted as “Fast Food Buddha, Sept 2003”. Read Article.
Interview with Juan Sangüesa, Clinical Psychologist.   Juan specializes in Mindfulness based therapy for adults with ADHD.

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